Intermediate Contemporary Jazz

Victoria Kickham Contemporary Jazz


In-Person and Virtual Contemporary Jazz!  July 29th - August 19th

This class is based on the Simonson Technique, an anatomically aware, organic approach to movement. Class begins with a thorough warm-up and includes progressions across the floor and a combination set to a variety of music styles. Class is designed for intermediate and advanced-level dancers.



Only 14 spots available, students must register online to save a spot.  No drop ins allow. Students who arrive without a previous registration and the class is full, will not be able to take the class. 

Register Online on MINDBODY or using the APP / download it to your device / find Integrarte / create an account with us / find the IN PERSON CONTEMPORARY JAZZ option and register for the specific date that you want to take the class.    

In-Person Registration ends 2 hours before class, so do not miss your time for registration!

Price: $18 single class $160 -10 class card (for those that have classes available in your 10 class card please email us in advance so we can activate them again.)

EVERYONE COMING IN PERSON: Please read INTEGRARTE’S  in studio protocols.

IMPORTANT: The door of the building will open 30 min prior to class at 6:30 pm, and the door will close at the time of class. Please make sure you arrive in time to avoid late entrance into Victoria’s class, as there will be COVID protocols checked at the door. 



The Virtual Contemporary Jazz class will be taught simultaneously.  
Register Online on MINDBODY or using the APP/ download it to your device / find integrarte / create an account with us / find the VIRTUAL CONTEMPORARY JAZZ option and register for the specific date that you want to take the class.  Classes are taught on Zoom.

Virtual Registration ends 35 min before class, please register before 6:30pm. We will send the Zoom link 30 min before class. 
Price: single virtual class $16 - virtual 10 class card $140 (this card can not be use for in person jazz class) 



Day and Time:
Thursday 7:00 - 8:30 pm Studio 1

Adult and teenager


Price: $18 per class, drop-in, 10 class card $160. Payment can be made using cash, check, or credit card.  Online purchases can be made by creating an account on Mindbody.


7:30 - 9:00 pm
Day of week
Studio 1

no class Sept 23rd