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Schedule Changes

Monday March 25th:  10:30 am Ballet Adv/Int will be taught by Erika Lambe

Monday March 25th and Wednesday March 27th:  7pm Ballet will be taught by Erica or Carlos

Friday March 29th:  Due to the Showcase, Vixen at 6 pm is cancelled.

Saturday March 30th:  Due to the Showcase, there will be one morning Ballet Intermediate class at 10 am

Monday April 1st: 7pm Ballet is cancelled

Tuesday April 2nd: Amalgamado Movement is cancelled. 10 am Ballet Int/Adv is with Ken Pierce

Wednesday April 3rd: 9 am Ballet Elem is cancelled.  10:30 am Ballet Int is with Erika Lambe, 7 pm Ballet is cancelled.

Thursday April 4th: Amalgamado Movement is cancelled. 10 am Ballet Int/Adv  moves to 10:30 with Meredith Wells. Ballet Beginner II is cancelled.

Friday April 5th: 10 am Ballet Int/Adv is with Ken Pierce

Saturday April 6th: 9 am Ballet Elem is cancelled. 10:30 am Ballet Int/Adv is with Ken Pierc


Starting Tuesday March 12th, Jazz Contemporary is moving to 6 pm and will be a Beginner Contemporary Jazz class.


Spring Dance & Music Showcase March 29th and 30th

March 29  7pm  & March 30  2pm & 6:30pm 

Program will vary   more >>

Free admission - Donations are kindly appreciated

We want to thank every single one of you, students, teachers, parents, donors, the Hope Central Church, all participants, friends for your great support.

Thank you all very much for helping INTEGRARTE be. We hope that you all enjoy it and be happy here, because we do this with all our love for you all.


Carlos Molina Erica Cornejo
Founders & Artistic Directors of INTEGRARTE