Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Events

Organic Afro Contemporary Dance Workshop with Marsha Parrilla

September 16th, 2017 @ 1-3PM


Morning schedule changes for July 24th - August 26th

Morning ballet open classes are starting at a different time and Floor-Barre has been moved to a different day and time.

Ballet Advanced/Intermediate Mon - Fri at 9 am
Ballet Elementary Mon & Wed at 9:30 am
Floor Barre Sat at 9 - 10:15 am
Ballet Intermediate Sat at 10:30 am

We want to thank every single one of you, students, teachers, parents, donors, the Hope Central Church, all participants, friends for your great support.

Thank you all very much for helping INTEGRARTE be. We hope that you all enjoy it and be happy here, because we do this with all our love for you all.


Carlos Molina Erica Cornejo
Founders & Artistic Directors of INTEGRARTE