Upcoming Classes

Mon 9:00 am Ballet Elementary
Mon 10:30 am Ballet Advanced - Intermediate
Mon 7:00 pm Ballet Elementary
Tue 8:30 am Amalgamado Movement
Tue 10:00 am Ballet Advanced - Intermediate
Tue 12:00 pm Essentrics
Tue 6:00 pm Beginner Contemporary Jazz
Tue 7:15 pm Zumba
Tue 7:30 pm Open Adult Hip Hop
Wed 9:00 am Ballet Elementary

Upcoming Events

Fall Dance Showcase 2019

Show dates:
Friday November 1 @7pm / Saturday November 2 @2pm & 6:30pm
Friday November 8 @7pm / Saturday November 9 @2pm & 6:30pm

Fall Dance Showcase will present excerpts from the Classical Romantic Ballet “GISELLE“. Integrarte Pre-Professional students will perform dances from the joyful Act I and the sublime Act II.

The show will be about 1 hr length with a 15 min. intermission between act 1 & 2.

Join us in support of the Arts and the New Generation of young dancers!

Schedule Updates

Integrarte is open Columbus Day, October 14th!
Ballet Elem at 9:00 am
Ballet Int/Adv at 10:30 am
Ballet Elem at 7:00 pm

Tuesday Oct 15th: Beginner Jazz at 6 pm will be taught by Madina Agenor

Vixen on Fridays at 6 pm is cancelled Nov 1st and 8th

To accommodate our Fall Showcase, on Saturday November 2nd and 9th there is only one special Ballet Intermediate class at 10 am.

We want to thank every single one of you, students, teachers, parents, donors, the Hope Central Church, all participants, friends for your great support.

Thank you all very much for helping INTEGRARTE be. We hope that you all enjoy it and be happy here, because we do this with all our love for you all.


Carlos Molina Erica Cornejo
Founders & Artistic Directors of INTEGRARTE