Upcoming Classes

Note: Wednesday 6/27 there is a one-time special Zumba class at 7 pm. Ballet Intermediate is cancelled.

Fri 8:30 am Floor-Barre®
Fri 10:00 am Ballet Advanced - Intermediate
Fri 7:00 pm Ballet Elementary
Sat 9:00 am Ballet Elementary
Sat 9:30 am Happy Me I
Sat 10:30 am Ballet Advanced - Intermediate
Sat 10:30 am Happy Me I
Sat 12:30 pm Baroque Dance Intermediate
Sat 2:00 pm Early Dance Workshops

Upcoming Events


One-time special Zumba Class taught by Maureen Layden

Wednesday June 27
Time: 7 - 8pm
Price: $15 Drop-in

For new students we recommend to arrive 10 min before class to fill out the studio waiver form. To register faster please buy online using our MINDBODY APP, or bring cash or check made payable to INTEGRARTE. more...

Schedule for June 25th - July 18th

Mondays:  9 - 10:30am Ballet Elementary, 10:30 am - 12 pm  Ballet Adv/Int 
Tuesdays: 10 - 11:30 am Ballet Adv/Int 
Wednesdays:  9 - 10:30 am Ballet Elementary, 10:30 am - 12 pm  Ballet Int
Thursdays: 10 -11:30 am Ballet Adv/Int
Fridays: 10 - 11:30 am Ballet Adv/Int

Yoga, Baroque, Hip-Hop, Modern (starting July 2), Jazz, Pilates and evening Ballet remain the same.
There is no Floor Barre. There is no Salsa in July.

Summer Schedule July 23rd - August 25th

Mondays:  9 - 10:30 am Ballet Adv/Int, 9:30 - 11 am Ballet Elementary (no class 7/23)
Tuesdays:  9 - 10:30 am Ballet Adv/Int
Wednesdays:  9 - 10:30 am Ballet Int, 9:30 - 11 am Ballet Elementary (no class 7/25)
Thursdays: 9 - 10:30 am Ballet Adv/Int
Fridays: 9 - 10:30 am Ballet Adv/Int
Saturdays: Floor Barre TBD, 10:30 - 12 pm Ballet Int

Yoga, Baroque,  Hip-Hop, Modern, Jazz, Pilates, and evening Ballet remain the same. 
There is no Salsa in July.

Please check the schedule or calendar for any daily changes.

We want to thank every single one of you, students, teachers, parents, donors, the Hope Central Church, all participants, friends for your great support.

Thank you all very much for helping INTEGRARTE be. We hope that you all enjoy it and be happy here, because we do this with all our love for you all.


Carlos Molina Erica Cornejo
Founders & Artistic Directors of INTEGRARTE