Happy Me!

The Happy Me Children's Program is designed for children ages 3-4. Children will learn some of the principles in dance that can be very helpful for many other things in life, such as musicality, coordination, balance, working through the space using levels, directions, developing creativity, the ability to express, love and much more. Our intention is to provide children with a fun time, and to make them happy!

Happy Me I   3-4 years old

The program for Spring 2024 has been cancelled.


Christina Aphaivong

Monthly sessions:
$60 (for the month with 4 classes ) -  $75 (for the month with 5 classes)   
$56 each sibling (for the month with 4 classes ) - $70 (for the month with 5 classes) 


Please email Integrarte to enroll.

We accept cash, check (payable to INTEGRARTE) or credit card.

Once your child's space is reserved no refunds can be given. Class credit can be obtained prior to start date with written notification.

Class Cancellation:
Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Please check our website for any cancellations.

Dress Code: 
Comfortable clothing (leggings, t-shirts, shorts or leotards), ballet slippers or socks.