Dance Celebration Showcase 2021

Dance Celebration Showcase 2021


Dec 3   7pm / Dec 4    2pm & 6:30pm 

Dec 10 7pm / Dec 11    2pm & 6:30pm

Dec 17  7pm / Dec 18.  2pm & 6:30pm  


Dance Celebration Showcase 2021 Program

ZOOM Links for Performances on Dec 10th and 11th:


Dec 17th Friday 7pm


Dec 18th Saturday 2pm


Dec 18th Saturday 6:30pm



Integrarte Covid-19 protocols  during performances 


Entrance for the shows will be at 87 Seaverns Ave. Door will open 30 min prior to show and remain closed during the performance. 


Seating is limited to 30 seats. To inquired about seat availability please email us at 

*For Integrarte pre-pro students reservation will end on Tuesdays of each week of performances.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME TO EVERY SHOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME, BUT ONLY 2 PEOPLE PER SHOW DUE TO THE LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE. If any seats are left available, it might be possible for an extra person to come.

*For any other spectators reservation will be open on Wednesday of each show. Space is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


If you are experiencing any symptoms related to covid-19 or not feeling well , for your safety and the safety of everyone please stay home. 


Face Mask Requirement

Everyone is required to wear a CDC-approved mask at all times inside INTEGRARTE’s spaces , regardless of vaccination status. 

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is available at the main entrance and restroom area. There are disinfectant spray around the touching areas for you to use at any time. 

Food is NOT ALLOWED inside 

Beverages are NOT ALLOWED inside the seating area. 

If you need to hydrate make sure you bring your own bottle of water.  There is a small resting area where you can have your drink. 

NO drinks in the seating area.


Cleaning Procedures

INTEGRARTE’S spaces are disinfected before each show/ class . We ask you to help us keep the space clean and safe by doing your part as washing your hands, keeping distances and minimize the lowering of mask due to hydration. 

We are doing our best to ensure and keep everyone in the audience and our beautiful dancers safe with an extraordinary experience so we ask you to help us keep all protocols present. 

After the show there will not be any family gathering inside the studio,  spectators will proceed to exit the room. All spaces needs to be sanitized before each show. 


We are very exited to be able to bring in person presentations, we really hope to see you at the show . If you have any question please contact us at 




Erica Cornejo & Carlos Molina 

Founders  and Directors

2:00 pm
Day of week

December 4, 11, & 18