Spring Dance Showcase 2023


Friday March 3, 10 & 17  @7pm  /  Saturday March 4, 11 & 18  @6:30pm. 

- Free admission - 

JOIN US to discover the beauty of dance!
You will see our pre-professional ballet students dancing sections from "La Bayadere”, Marissa Molinar’s new contemporary work and a new student's choreography project!.  
You will also have the pleasure to see dance works by Infinity Dance Collective dancers directed by Tara McCrystal , Ken Pierce in Baroque Dance and  Adult Jazz Ensemble directed by Victoria Kickham.
Each show program will vary.

Entrance to the show:
87 Seaverns Ave. Jamaica Plain ,MA 02130 

To inquired about seat availability please email us at integrarteusa@gmail.com 
To watch virtually via zoom click on the date of the show 

Face Mask Requirement:
For the safety of our dancers please wear mask during the shows regardless of vaccination status. 
Hand sanitizer is available at the main entrance and restroom area. 
No food allow inside the seating area. 

* PLEASE If you are experiencing any symptom related to covid-19 or not feeling well, for your safety and the safety of everyone please stay home. 

Watch online:  

March 3rd Friday 7pm


March 4th Saturday 6:30pm



March 10th Friday 7pm


March 11th Saturday 6:30pm



March 17th Friday 7pm


March 18th Saturday 6:30pm




Friday March 17

1 - "Murder Mystery” 
       Choreography by Marissa Molinar 
       Music Ramalama ( Bang Bang )by Róisín Murphy 
       Danced by Valerie LeBlanc - Isabella Scott - Cassandra Doyle - Sophia Yee

2 - “Peasant dance"
       Choreography: anonymous
       Music: Jean-Baptiste Lully
       Danced by Ken Pierce 

3 - “Dreams in the Skye” 
      Poetry by Sebastian Rizzo and sound by John Korbas
      Danced by Tara Mc Crystal, Audrey Lavalle &Miriam Lundgren. 

      Written & Read by Saskia Bergmans 
      Danced by Audrey Lavalle & Miriam Lundgren 

4 -  “Reflections”
      Choreographed by Victoria Kickham
      Music by Sona Jobarteh, Aretha Franklin
      Danced by Stacy Choi, Amy Cook, Melina O'Grady, Alice Peiying Wang,  
      Meredith Sweeney,  Nicole Zahradka

         - PAUSE-

5 - “Manu solo”  (from La Bayadère )   
     Choreography after Marius Petipa 
     Music Ludwig  Minkus
     Danced by Valerie LeBlanc


6 - “Trio Shades” & “Pas D’action (from La Bayadère)         
       Choreography after Marius Petipa 
       Music Ludwig  Minkus
       *Trio Shades danced by MimiQ Soong, Isabella Scott & Sophia Yee
       *Pas D’action danced by Cassandra Doyle & Claire Kim 

Saturday March 18:

1 - “Murder Mystery”                    
      "Murder Mystery” 
       Choreography by Marissa Molinar 
       Danced by MimiQ Soong, Claire Kim, Valerie LeBlanc, Isabella Scoot 

2 - “Peasant dance”
      Choreography: anonymous
      Music: Jean-Baptiste Lully
      Danced by Ken Pierce 

3 - “Manu solo”  (from La Bayadère)                            
       Choreography after Marius Petipa Version
       Music Ludwig  Minkus
       Danced by Naomi Fleegler 

3 - The Sun The Moon The Skye
        Choreography by Ainsleigh Lussky-Wafer
        Music by Zeph 
        Danced by Isabella Scott, Cassandra Doyle & Sophia Yee 

4 - “Reflections”
        Choreographed by Victoria Kickham
        Music by Sona Jobarteh, Aretha Franklin
        Danced by Amy Cook, Melina O'Grady, Alice Peiying Wang, Shari Repasz Schwendener, Meredith      Sweeney, Nicole Zahradka


6 - Pas D’action ” & D’Jampe ( from La Bayadère) 
        Choreography after Marius Petipa 
        Music Ludwig  Minkus 

   *Pas D’Action danced by Cassandra Doyle & MimiQ Soong 
   *D’Jampe danced by  Claire Kim, Isabella Scott & Sophia Yee