Shari Repasz

SHARI REPASZ has been teaching GYROTONIC® exercise since 2014 and the GYROKINESIS® method since 2018. With a background in Pilates, personal training, conditioning and dance, her movement-teaching experience spans more than 20 years. She has taught dance to people of all ages from 3 years to over 70, styles which include explorative, contemporary, ballet, musical theatre and jazz dance in the Boston area. As a choreographer, Shari worked in musical theater for many years and continues to create modern and contemporary pieces. Her current projects are predominantly collaborations with local artists; vocalists, dancers, sculptors and musicians. Shari can sometimes be seen performing in Night Song, a music meditation at the first church of Cambridge.

At Dancers Workshop of Sudbury, Shari headed the contemporary program for the duration of her career at the studio. She later became the dance instructor at The Rivers School of Weston for the dance program and all school musical theater department. Here she choreographed for large scaled productions such as Chicago, West Side Story and many others. Shari brought a creative approach to both locations as well as her classes for home schooled kids taught in Jamaica Plain. As an independent choreographer and dancer, she has formed a number of ensembles locally in Boston and produced many works for various venues, including her 2005 epic suite, ‘128 - An Inner State’ premiered at Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge and later released on DVD. She has also performed with a variety of local companies including Adrienne Hawkins and Jody Weber. Shari occasionally performs with composer/pianist Ben Schwendener and The Mobile Trio.