Due to COVID-19 class cancelled until further notice 

GYROKINESIS® method is a movement modality which facilitates a healthy and vibrant body. Through spiraling motions of the spine and limbs along with connectedness throughout the neuromuscular and skeletal systems, one finds greater range of motion and ease of movement for daily activities. The body works to gain flexibility and strength, postural alignment, joint and limb mobility resulting in informed movement that continues its benefits throughout your daily life. The GYROKINESIS® method has a healing effect on the body, mind and spirit. Designed to access and acquire the body’s full range of movement, all ages and movement levels benefit from GYROKINESIS® exercise.

GYROKINESIS® classes involve seated, standing and floor work. The students are guided by a trained instructor to become stronger, more flexible, expansive and connected within their bodies. Clothing should allow for a freedom of movement and not interference.


Price:  $20 drop-in, 10 class card $170