In-Person Ballet Beginner II

For those who have taken previous beginners program and have some experience or knowledge about ballet vocabulary.  These classes will be created to continue the teaching of the basic leg and arm positions.  Each step will be broken down and associated with corresponding french vocabulary.  You will get information about a few steps at a time to ensure a better understanding and to facilitate the correct execution. Students may find these classes useful as a “study group” where they can bring questions and practice the basics.

April 27th - June 29th 2022
Day: Wednesday
Time: 7:15 - 8:45 pm


COVID-19 Protocols:

Even though people are feeling better about Covid-19 due to the process of vaccination, we at Integrarte have decided to continue with our safety protocols  for the well-being of every single person.

Until further notice, we require that everyone wear a mask inside Integrarte’s spaces and follow our in-studio protocols.  

The health and safety of our students, staff and families is our top priority. We appreciate you taking the time to review this reopening guide thoroughly. Our plan revolves around our collective participation and cooperation with major changes to how we operate and use the facility. Together, we can keep ourselves and each other safe and healthy, while returning to the studio as responsibly as possible. 

Integrarte In-Person Class Policy



For the In-Person Ballet classes, students need to PRE-REGISTER online  in order to save a spot using our MINDBODY APP, look for the the In-Person option, find the day of class and register. 

Sign-up on Mindbody. Registration ends 75 min before the start of class.  

Note: Students who have not pre-registered will not be able to take class if all spaces are taken. Also NO Refund for missing/late arrival or cancellation. Classes are open only to a limited number of students to help the flow of the class and common areas, and to maintain the safety protocols at all times. 

No opening of the door for late arrivals.

Price:  single class $18  / 10 class card $160. 


If you have questions, please email us at

Help with Mindbody:
To set up a MindBody account on a desktop computer, visit:
To set up a MindBody account on your smartphone, download the app and follow the registration instructions.

Dress code:  Students wear anything from traditional ballet clothing such as leotard, tights, leg warmups, and skirt, to pants like yoga or leggings and t-shirt. We recommend you wear something that will make you comfortable, allow you to move freely, and also allow teachers to see and correct your body posture. Ballet slippers are recommended.

Age: Adult and teenager

Price: $18 per class, drop-in, 10 class card $160. Payment can be made using cash, check, or credit card.  Online purchases can be made by creating an account on Mindbody.

7:15 - 8:45 pm
Day of week
Studio 1

April 27th - June 29th