Our Children's Legacy

Our Children's Legacy

Hosted Event at Integrarte

Music and Dances of Loss and Hope

Choreography by Kathy Hassinger

June 14th 8 pm

Tickets: BROWNPAPERTICKETS.ORG and at the door.

Program Note for the dances presented:

Limon Etude is composed to “Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel” a poem from Faust, about a woman pining for her lover as she sits at the spinning wheel. The running movement of the dance is similar to the underlying spinning of the wheel of destiny. Gretchen knows her love will never come to pass. This song, composed by Schubert began a whole new genre of “art songs” to be picked up by Schumann, Brahms and other composers. Carla Maxwell, the director of the Limon company, and choreographer of this dance used Jose Limon’s movements to express the pathos and longing of the poem.

For the Children is dedicated to all who have lost children, but particularly for migrants forced to flee and face the loss of their children. The result of this loss is explored in the dance through the title of each section: Loss, Love, Shadows, At Your Feet, Phantom and March. A couple struggles with the pain of loss by travelling through an army of fears. Just when defeat seems immanent, the husband turns the shadows into guides by bringing his fears to the place where the child was lost. The phantom guides bring the couple to a higher plane, a place of hope, and their journey is infused with purpose and determination.

Edvard Grieg lost a child, Alexandra, and struggled with pleurisy and its effects all his life. He continued to travel, play and write music. He is considered one of the leading Romantic composers of all time and used Norwegian folk music in his compositions to develop a national musical identity.

Grieg’s Lyric Pieces are short, but use a lyricism that touches the heart and brings out a long line, breath, and musicality in the dancer

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Performance hosted by Integrarte on June 14th