Youth Ballet Training Program

A year round Ballet Training Program for young dancers ages 12 - 13, intermediate level.

The program was created for those young students who are serious about Classical Ballet.

Auditions are required in order to be part of the program. 

This program is designed to assure that students know/learn all or most of the classical ballet vocabulary and achieve a good execution, as well as to strengthen and develop other aspects that are important not only to dance, but to many other things in life (strength, flexibility, coordination, musicality, balance, self confidence, group work, expression/interpretation, love...)

It is a program that starts in September and finishes in June. Students will have holidays off, spring and winter break that follow a regular school calendar.

Ballet open classes will be available for the students during the program and on the off days for no extra cost.

Showcase performances will be arranged for the students.

The Classical Ballet technique classes will be taught by Avery Saulnier de Reyes and a second teacher to be determined. Founders and Directors of INTEGRARTE, Carlos Molina and Erica Cornejo will be supervising the training and will teach classes at select times during the year.

Modern teacher to be determined.

Date and Time:

Classes will be Monday through Thursday
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30pm until 6pm Wednesday from 4:30pm until 7pm

Dress Code :


  • Leotard & skirt - Green Emerald 
  • Pink tights
  • Pink ballet slipper with ribbons
  • Pink point shoes with ribbons & elastic
  • Socks (any color) for Modern class


  • White men’s cap sleeved t-shirt
  • White long tights & white ballet slipper or black long tights & black ballet slipper
  • Socks (any color) for Modern class

If Ballet (Dance) is really their passion and it is something they want to be able to do as a profession, this program is a good preparation for our Pre- Professional Training Program, which is designed for those students who want to make Classical Ballet (Dance) a professional career.