voice lessons

Voice Lessons

Everyone can sing. In voice lessons, Maire Clement MM, works individually, utilizing each student’s spoken voice as a guide to finding their true singing voice. Maire focuses on vocal technique with a strong emphasis on breathing, finding bright forward placement, clear diction and a free sound. No matter age, experience level, or musical genre, students of Maire are encouraged to be artists. Maire works to inspire a safe, creative environment where students can experiment with trying new things. Sign up for lessons with Maire today.

By appointment only, please contact Maire at maire.clement@gmail.com

Payments: cash or check payable to INTEGRARTE
$40 - 30 min.
$75 - 1 hr.

Community of Singers

What is this? Community of Singers Voice Class is a 90-minute weekly class, where singers will learn the basics of vocal technique in a group setting, as well as have a safe space for creative experimentation and vocal expression.

How does this differ from private voice lessons? While the subject matter is the same for both, Private lessons are one-on-one voice instruction, whereas the Voice Class will consist of around 5 singers.The first part of class will be learning a technique, and the rest of class will be used for practice. Students will get a chance for personalized attention and have the added bonus and energy of being able to observe their classmates’ vocal journeys.

What information will be covered? Students will learn the basics of:

  • Diaphragmatic-Intercostal Breathing
  • Bright forward vocal placement
  • Diction--easy and clear ways to express vowels and consonants.
  • Performance practice
  • Artistic Expression Confidence building through the support of loving teacher and classmates
  • Confidence building through the support of loving teacher and classmates

When is it? The Fall Session will meet from 5pm-6:30pm weekly beginning Wednesday September 13, 2017 and finishing the week of November 15th, 2017!

How much does it cost? $400 for the entire course!
If students are unable to pay in full by the first class, they may pay in two installments of $200,

  1. the first payment is due at the time of first class in September
  2. second payment is due at the time of the first class in October.

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