Support Us

Dear All,

We are in the process of establishing a Non for Profit Status, which will be helpful in many ways to Integrarte and everyone who is part of it, students, and the community in general.

In order to consolidate this Non-Profit status, it will be very helpful for us to have records of the donations we have received.
Any donation, small or large, that you might be able to make to Integrarte will be greatly appreciated.  This will help us not only finalize the process of becoming a Non-Profit organization, but also support our students and allow us to continue doing things for the community, and all of you.

Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart for your continuous support. 


Dance Art Movement Center


INTEGRARTE is a place where people can enrich their lives through the Arts. We are a member of the Boston Dance Alliance.

Please make your donation through the Boston Dance Alliance/Integrarte. Any amount will help us.



Help us improve our space! If you have and/or are willing to donate any of the following items, please let INTEGRARTE know, either in-person at the studios or by emailing INTEGRARTE.

Thank you for your support!

Item Description Image Status
Baby changing table

A baby changing table that attaches to the wall.

Cabinet with door

A cabinet with a door  to hold the music equipment in the small studio. 


An organizer for the teachers dressing room.  See image for example.

Lockers open
Printer paper open