Open Ballet Elementary for Ages 7 -13


This is an open elementary ballet class for youth who are 7 - 13 years old.

Ballet at the elementary level is for those who have  some knowledge of ballet vocabulary. Students with no knowledge of Classical Ballet should attend a beginners Ballet program in order to participate in the Elementary Ballet open class. This way participants will get the most out of it.

 The Elementary Ballet open class is designed for the students to put into practice the basics they know and have learned at the beginners ballet program, as well as to continue building up their knowledge of classical ballet, strength, flexibility, musicality, coordination, movement, use of the space, artistry… and more in a fun way.

Age: 7 - 13

Time: Friday 4-5:15 PM

Teacher: Avery Saulnier De Reyes

Dress code: Students can wear anything from traditional ballet clothing such as leotard, tights, ,shorts, skirt, and t-shirt. We recommend you wear something that will make you comfortable, allow you to move freely, and also allow teachers to see and correct your body posture.    Ballet slippers are recommended.

Ballet Open