The Voice of the Soul - An experiential workshop!

The Voice of the Soul - An experiential workshop!

Date: Saturday January 13, 2018
Time: 1-3pm
Price: $30

Payment can be made online using MindBody or in-person at Integrarte.

Join Ban Ali (Meditation Guide, Transformational Coach), and Maire Clement (Singer, Voice Teacher) for this two hour workshop of connection, fun and empowerment.

We will go on a transformational journey through conversation, meditation, music and vocal exercise and expression. You will not only have the opportunity to experience the peace, joy and light you hold within but you will also have the unique opportunity to find and express your individual singing voice.

Set aside a little time for yourself for stillness, singing, and having fun in a safe and loving community of like-minded individuals.

Meditation will be accompanied by live music performed by Boston-based musician Davey Harrison.

What to bring: a journal, a pen/pencil, and a bottle of water.

Ban Ali is a teacher, meditation guide, Reiki Master and transformational coach. She is trained in spiritual practice and intuitive development with world-renowned authors and teachers. Her personal studies encompass many great wisdom, self-awareness and transformational teachings. Ban shares her wisdom and knowledge from the heart and a place of lived experience. She assists people in coming to deep understandings within themselves and to making the shifts needed to live from an inspired, authentic and powerful place.

Maire Clement, MM, soprano, is a performer, musical entrepreneur, voice instructor, and yoga instructor in the Boston area. Maire combines her passion for classical music and yoga in her position as the “Yoga for Musicians” Instructor at the New England Conservatory. She also teaches yoga at Akasha, and Starr Yoga in Roslindale, MA. In her latest unification of yoga and singing, Maire originated a workshop titled “Finding Your Voice,” where students spend time breathing, practicing postures focused on opening up the throat chakra, learning a yogic chant and singing together. Maire Clement utilizes her expertise as a classically trained soprano, as an advanced student of Transformational VoiceTM, as well as her yoga training to offer a new approach to classic voice lessons. With vocal technique as the skeleton of voice lessons, Maire cultivates a safe environment to encourage her students to express themselves through the art of singing. For more information, see:

1:00 - 3:00 pm
Day of week
Studio 2

Voice workshop on 1/13 - $30 payment can be made online using MindBody or in-person at Integrarte.