Summer Baroque Dance Workshop

Sunday-Saturday, July 23–29, 2017

Ken Pierce

10:45-5pm MON/TUE/THUR
10:45-6PM WED/FRI


An intensive workshop in baroque dance (European ballroom and theatrical dance of the late 17th and early 18th centuries). Classes in technique, repertoire, and dance notation, with opportunities for independent projects.

As in past years, the summer Baroque dance workshop will be allied with the International Baroque Institute at Longy (IBIL). This year’s IBIL theme is “Venice”. Dancers are invited to attend IBIL lectures and concerts, and to participate in the IBIL student performance on Saturday, 29 July. A portion of the dance workshop will be devoted to preparing dances for this performance.

The dance workshop will focus not on dances from Venice, but rather on French dances that have a “Venetian” connection—for example, dances to music from a Venetian-themed divertissement. Workshop repertoire includes menuets, gavottes, sarabandes, bourrées, and other baroque dance types (especially forlanes).

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