Salsa Intermediate

Salsa is one of the most characteristic music genres and dance styles in Latin culture. Evolving from Afro-Caribbean rhythms like Rumba, Son, and Mambo, just to mention a few, Salsa is one of the most widespread dance styles around the world, with big, welcoming, and vibrant communities in all major cities in most countries. The Spanish word "salsa" literally means "sauce". It is believe that Salsa got its name because it's a mixture of many rhythms, and it's spicy and full of flavor; but this is just one theory. Both the Music genre AND the dance are known as Salsa. Modern/Commercial Salsa emerged in New York in the 1960's and 1970's, and was born from immigrants, predominately from Cuba and Puerto Rico. Salsa dance follows the conventional partnering social dance etiquette and basic techniques. Salsa has been influenced by Ballet, Jazz, traditional ballroom dances, Pachanga, Cha-Cha, Mambo, Jive, and even Hip-hop, and it is constantly evolving. Musically, Salsa is one of the most intricate and rich music genres. The Salsa community, music, and dance, keep expanding, growing, and constantly evolving. Salsa is not going away any time soon!     

Dress Code:

Wear something comfortable in which you can stretch, turn, and sweat (sweat pants, yoga pants, T-shirts). Heels are not recommended for the ladies at the beginners stage, flats and socks are OK. Jazz Shoes are highly recommended for everybody.  

Payment can be made through Mindbody; Cash or check payable to INTEGRARTE at Integrarte or mail to: Integrarte 85 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain , MA 02130 


The New York Style Salsa On 2 Intermediate Class will focus on the introduction of new common and pupular footwork patterns building on steps learned at the Beginners Level. It will also focus on popular partenering combinations and variations, also building on basic steps learned at the beginners session. The intermediate class will introduce common  Afro-Cuban movement concepts, steps, and history which are vital for the understanding of the roots of salsa. Emphasis on proper technique while also working on styling is a vital part of this course.  Differences in salsa timing (music) will be discussed as appropriate beyond the Salsa On 2 beat through the class. The class is designed for students that have completed the Beginners class. It will also be ideal for students who want to transition from Salsa On 1 to New York Style Salsa On 2.

The class is from 8:30 - 10:00 pm and is in Studio 1.

Price: $15 per class, drop-in. A 10 class card is available for $135.

8:30 - 10:00 pm
Day of week
Studio 1