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Community of Singers

Sign in Program - Enrollment will end Tuesday January 16, 2018

“Winter Session” includes 10 classes and will meet from 5:30pm-7pm weekly beginning Wednesday January 17, 2018 and finishing the week of March 28, 2018 (excluding Wednesday February 14)


In order to run the program a minimum of 2 students is required. Maximum of 5 students.

Enrollment must be made by Tuesday January 16, 2018. Students can enroll online or email Integrarte to reserve the space by Jan 16, 2018 at

If the program doesn’t reach the minimum number of students, the enrolled student will receive an email with the notice of cancelation and will be reimbursed.


How much does it cost? $400 for the entire course!
If students are unable to pay in full by the first class, they may pay in two installments of $200:

  1. the first payment is due at the time of first class in January
  2. second payment is due at the time of the first class in February.

Payments can be made in-person or online at Mindbody. The is a service fee for payments made by credit card.


What is this? Community of Singers Voice Class is a 90-minute weekly class, where singers will learn the basics of vocal technique in a group setting, as well as have a safe space for creative experimentation and vocal expression.

How does this differ from private voice lessons? While the subject matter is the same for both, Private lessons are one-on-one voice instruction, whereas the Voice Class will consist of around 5 singers.The first part of class will be learning a technique, and the rest of class will be used for practice. Students will get a chance for personalized attention and have the added bonus and energy of being able to observe their classmates’ vocal journeys.

What information will be covered? Students will learn the basics of:

  • Diaphragmatic-Intercostal Breathing
  • Bright forward vocal placement
  • Diction--easy and clear ways to express vowels and consonants.
  • Performance practice
  • Artistic Expression Confidence building through the support of loving teacher and classmates
  • Confidence building through the support of loving teacher and classmates

Who am I? My name is Maire (pronounced Mary) Clement. I am a voice teacher, yoga instructor and performing artist based in Jamaica Plain/Roslindale. I have my MM from University of Louisville, and my BM from Lawrence Conservatory of Music. I have performed internationally. As a yoga instructor, I implement breathing and body awareness exercises to release fear and stress to aid in vocal development. I believe that through sharing my vocal and yoga expertise with fellow singers (of all levels), I am helping make the world a better place in the only way I know how...through setting your voices free! For more information, check out my website:

5:30 - 7:00 pm
Day of week

new 10 week session starts 1/17