Alexander Technique Workshop

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique offers increased psycho-physical self-awareness, which leads to improved stamina, ease, and effectiveness in movement. An Alexander Technique teacher helps you recover the poise and balance we all have as children. It is an important resource for improving performance in specialized activities such as dance, singing, yoga, running, playing an instrument and also for undoing tension and pain due to habitual misuse of the body, injuries, stress, and post-operative conditions. This two hour workshop will introduce the basic principles of the Technique through lecture and demonstration. We will explore the ways we sit, stand and walk to become aware of our total movement patterns. In the process we will discover unconscious habits of tension that are affecting our well-being, mobility and coordination. We will learn methods for undoing these habits that call on us to act as a mental-physical whole. Thus we will begin to understand how the Technique can open up new unforeseen paths of change that bring joy to our daily and specialized activities. 

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Priscilla Hunt Ph.D., member of the American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), trained with Missy Vineyard in Amherst MA and has done advanced post-graduate training in Europe and the USA.  She has served on the AmSAT board of Directors, and as faculty on the ATCNE training course (Alexander Technique Center New England).  She has a private practice in both Amherst MA and Jamaica Plain, MA and offers classes and workshops in both areas. For more, see her website

4:00 - 6:00 pm
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Studio 1

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