Salsa On2 

4 consecutive Mondays: August 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th

Studio: 2/1
Ages: Adult and teenager

This will be a beginner salsa class in which we start to learn the history, basics, and fundamentals of Salsa on2. 

We will be learning a combination of shines (footwork), and partner work throughout the four weeks, accumulating more and more movement as we go. No partner or previous training is necessary. Come ready to sweat and have fun! 

Dress code: Wear comfortable clothing.  Please do not wear street shoes into the studio. Bring an extra clean pair of shoes to use for class. 


Salsa Intermediate

Now that we are comfortable with the basics, we will be adding to our repertoire of shines and partnering. The shines will be more complex, adding on speed as well. We will also begin to focus on turning techniques in the middle of the floor. Our partnering combinations will start to include multiple turn patterns and add-ons such as hammerlocks. No partner is necessary, as we will rotate through the class. The class is accumulative, so get ready to practice in between sessions with your friends!

Studio: 2
Ages: Adult and teenager

Instructor: Michelle Garcia 

This is a drop in class